Season 6

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Season 6


December 14, 1968, Carnegie Hall
Richard Holmes, a conducting student of Jean Morel at Juilliard, becomes music director, opening the season.

New York Times:  “They had the life that is expected of young people.  They also had a technical expertise that was almost frightening from instrumentalists in the 12-to-21 age bracket.” (Raymond Ericson 12/16/68)

February 15, 1969, Carnegie Hall
Performance features the New York première of “Scenes from T
he Snow Queen Ballet,” by William Mayer.

April 19, 1969, Carnegie Hall
Justin Blasdale wins William Kapell Competition Award, given by Bernard Kapell, the late pianist's brother and an orchestra Trustee.  Mr. Blasdale performs Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 with the orchestra. The concert is broadcast by WNYC-FM.

New York Times:  "Blasdale is a promising talent. . . but the orchestra stole the show . . . .  When they made it to the last fortissimo statement . . . it was enough to make a hardened listener get a lump in his throat."  (Allen Hughes)


Herman Stone is Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  Leslie J. Garfield is President.

Mrs. Sarah M. Greenberg is Executive Secretary.



December 14, 1968


Arturo Delmoni

February 15, 1969

April 19, 1969


Justin Blasdale